If You Want to Detoxify Your Body, Here is Why Minerals are Essential (and How to Best Get Them)


Your body is meant to detoxify naturally.

Unfortunately, these days, many people’s detoxification pathways are blocked, which results in toxic buildup and a variety of unwanted symptoms.

Your major organs of detoxification are: your liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs.

If your detoxification pathways are blocked, you may experience a wide range of symptoms, such as:

  • Acne
  • Achy muscles and joints
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Gas, bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Mucus discharge
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Congestion
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Cough
  • Vision issues
  • Fevers
  • Vomiting
  • Yeast infection


With our diets and lifestyles today, it’s not uncommon to experience blocked detox pathways.

Here are some reasons why your detoxification pathways might be blocked:

  • Poor diet – Eating a standard American diet (SAD) full of processed foods, sugar, breads and pastas.
  • Exposure to toxins – The average person is exposed to over 100 toxins each day. These toxins lurk in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, your home, office and even your beauty and personal care products. 
  • Stress and negative emotions – Stress is a fact of life, isn’t it? And yet, these days, too many of us experience toxic levels of stress. Stress and negative thoughts and emotions affect your body more than you think.
  • Poor lifestyle habits – lack of exercise, lack of sleep and a general lack of self-care have a big impact on your health. When you lack sleep, you lack energy and your body goes into fight or flight, which decreases or even stops your ability to detoxify.
  • When you do not exercise, your body is not able to reduce inflammation, believed to bet he culprit behind all disease. Make sure to get the balance of aerobic and resistance exercise right because too much exercise can actually cause inflammation. You’ll know you have the right balance by monitoring your energy after you exercise. If you are very exhausted, you may have overdone it.
  • Taking time for your self-care is incredibly important. If you think of the last time you took a little R&R, you may recall how good you felt. Your body responds well to self-care.
  • Dehydration – Proper hydration is key to your body’s ability to detoxify. 


So if any of these apply to you, what do you do? First of all, it’s important to make a step-by-step plan. Many people jump into a detoxification program, only to feel weaker and much worse afterwards. When it comes to coaxing your detoxification pathways open, it pays to take it slow and steady.


One of the biggest questions we get about detoxification is what food to eat. For sure, there is a protocol for your best detox diet and one of the key ingredients is minerals.

Why minerals? Why not vitamins?

Well, vitamins are certainly critical, but we often forget the incredible power of minerals when it comes to our health.

Keep in mind that to detoxify, your body needs energy and to produce energy, your body needs minerals. Minerals nourish your adrenals and thyroid, your chief organs of energy production.

In addition, your body

actually needs larger amounts of certain minerals—called macrominerals—than the amounts of vitamins it requires to stay healthy.”

There are 7 macrominerals that your body needs daily: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride, and sulfur.

Microminerals are needed in smaller quantities, but are also important. The 10 microminerals (trace elements) are: cobalt, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, fluorine, manganese, chromium, selenium, and molybdenum.


Studies show that mineral deficiencies are at the root of every health problem. Your body simply needs minerals to stay healthy, strong and energized.


First of all, to get plenty of minerals, you want to replace low-nutrient processed foods with high nutrient whole foods.

Here are some great options:

  • Vegetables – Especially dark, leafy greens.
  • Sea vegetables – Everyone can benefit from adding sea vegetables to every meal.
  • Fermented foods and drinks – Fermented foods and drinks are incredible because they multiply the nutrients in your foods by one-hundred-fold. Cultured vegetables are a wonderful way to boost the vitamins and minerals in your vegetables. As for a great probiotic liquid, Coco-Biotic is another potent, non-dairy source of beneficial microflora. One of the vital jobs of the friendly invisible warriors is to extract and retain minerals in the foods you eat, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride. You can’t just take in minerals…you must also extract and retain them if you want them picked up by your blood and carried into the many cells everywhere in your body that are eagerly awaiting their arrival.
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These days, over-farming, chemical fertilizers and the stripping of nutrients to make processed foods means that food – even fresh fruits and vegetables — are no longer what they used to be.

In fact, studies have shown that the nutrients in our food have declined over the past 20 years…so we actually have to eat MORE to get the same amount of nutrients.

So when it comes to detoxification, you now have a whole new way to look at your lifestyle and your diet. Remember; take it step-by-step and think minerals!

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