Benefits of Parsley Tincture


I always have organic dried parsley in my kitchen. It’s delicious and it adds life to many of my dishes. This medicinal herb is also very good for you.

In addition to being packed with vitamins, parsley is believed to contain cancer-fighting chemicals. One compound named apigenin has attracted the attention of researchers. This is found in a number of plants, including parsley, which is considered a rich source of this flavone.

Parsley Extract Benefits

It might be difficult to eat enough fresh parsley to get a therapeutic dose. So parsley is also available in tincture form. This offers a convenient way to reap the benefits of this herb. Parsley tincture is also part of a popular natural regimen for Lyme disease.

Parsley and Cancer

Apigenin has been investigated for it’s notable cancer-fighting potential, as well as its ability to reduce inflammation, a hallmark of disease.

However, in general, herbalists recommend whole plant extracts, rather than isolates such as apigenin. That’s because it’s believed a number of other beneficial compounds are present. For centuries, before the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, only whole plant medicines were used.

Unfortunately, some supplement manufacturers try to sell single-ingredient extracts, instead of the whole plant formulas.

That’s why I want to feature a parsley leaf tincture made by NutraMedix, because this company is committed to offering whole-plant benefits. The company uses a “proprietary extraction and enhancement process” to ensure that the end result is potent.

Whole Herbs vs Isolates

Herbal remedies are something I take every day, because I suffer from chronic nerve inflammation. (But, thankfully, my symptoms are under control.) For my condition, I believe herbs are invaluable, because they contain natural anti-inflammatory agents. But I only take whole herbs, the type made by God and not by man. Single-ingredient isolates remind me too much of drugs, which I’m trying to avoid.

Please understand that I’m not a licensed healthcare professional. So I can’t give medical advice. Everything written here is for information and discussion only. I like to write about natural remedies, because they’ve helped me regain my health.

Parsley for Lyme Disease

Parsley may also help control blood sugar and decrease both insulin resistance and inflammation, two processes that are the cornerstones of bad health. Because this herb contains strong antioxidants, many people like to take it to support their body during detox routines, such as when someone is fighting Lyme Disease or another chronic ailment.

Parsley is one of the herbal remedies often taken by those who follow the Lyme protocol developed by Dr. Lee Cowden, MD.

Parsley Tincture Benefits

It would probably be difficult to consume enough parsley leaf to gain all the health benefits you’re looking for. This is why many people like to take this herb in tincture form, shown in the bottle below. This is sold by Pureformulas, a large discount health food store. All of its 40,000 ship for free, regardless of the size of the order.

Tinctures will also last a long time, as opposed to fresh herbs, which may only be available certain times of the year. Many herbalists also believe that tinctures are more readily absorbed by the body, compared to fresh herbs, getting directly to the cellular level where they are needed.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take herbal remedies unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.