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2017 I was experiencing the results of not paying attention (to be honest, I didn’t care) to what I was eating during the holidays.  As a type 2 diabetic the price (my daddy always said, everything has a price) is being up all night, peeing three to four times, creating the unpleasantness of relentless fatigue for weeks due to not having a full night of sleep, but also the associated effect on my eyes (not being able of focus).  It’s hard to do your job when you can’t see.  This was not the first time I put myself through this, but this time it did piss me off, pardon the pun, to a degree that it created an insatiable need to search for information that would help me learn how to get out of this trap.


with many new discoveries, a stumbling effect is generally our best friend.  About mid-January, I don’t exactly remember how I found The Model Health Show it doesn’t really matter (long ago a dear friend taught me that fate is the redirection process to our intended path), as it turned out this was a great discovery.   Shawn fed my geekiness, which I had not discovered was one of my characteristics until my thirties from a comment a friend (I think, it could have been something sinister) at work made, by going into detail about how my body used the information that I gave it to do its business.  Shawn opened my eyes to the massive amount of information that this new age of communication allows all of us to share.  Shawn’s in-depth interview with trend setters is intoxicating.  The one that made me a convert was this analogy, a construction foreman was expecting a delivery of cinder blocks to build a foundation.  When the truck driver arrived and dropped off packing peanuts instead of cinder blocks the foreman responded with  what the *********, insert your adjective here.  With as straight a face as anyone telling the truth could muster, the truck driver replied what.   The foreman said you were supposed to bring me cinder blocks.  The truck driver said well this is what was delivered to me to deliver to you.  The morale of the story, you must provide the body what it needs to do the job, without a doubt there is a work around and the body will figure it out.  But you have to ask yourself, how sturdy do you think that foundation is going to be regardless of the brilliance of the solution the body comes up with to make due.  At some point all of the work arounds will simply not support what is needed.  My best anatomy professor would put it this way; that is not compatible with life.  The onus is on us to do what is right; the purpose of this blog is to help not to criticize or be little what will be a difficult journey.


it’s almost a year later, late December 2017, I’m a 57 year old male that loss 50 lbs. in the first have of the year only to gain most of it back in the second half of the year.  So what have I learned, ignorance is no longer acceptable.  Learning about what is in your food has been so disturbing to me that it is like having a rash that I can’t seem to stop scratching at for the truth.  I find myself here after plenty of good experiences over the years along with plenty of bad ones as well.  I’m no different than anyone else; the tendency is to focus more on the bad ones.  Sharing about how the bad ones have had an effect on me will be difficult, but necessary and cathartic and hopefully beneficial to you.  I should probably inject this aspect of my personality; my day job is an analyst.  So ripping things apart to understand  how they work is how I relax, oops my geekiness is showing again, my bad.  Honestly, I can’t help myself, ask anyone who knows me.  On second thought don’t.


is even more disheartening is that it seems that the people who are responsible for protecting us from this are asleep at the wheel.  It appears that the obesity epidemic around the world is not the great mystery we are led to believe, simply put down that fork silly.  A collection of evidence in recent years suggests it’s what is in our food that is an overwhelming factor contributing to the epidemic.  Now, this is not say that there isn’t a personal responsibility component in this equation, with that said to be an informed decision maker (a phrase from the 90’s) you need to know about the things working against you.  What I learned in the first half of 2017 was proven in the second half.  I ate much less in the second half of year, but because of how a tremendous amount of our food is made, processed foods specifically, I proved to myself that it is my responsibility to eliminate this type of food from my diet; if achieving my goal is my real intention.  I have to be aware that I to may have ulterior motives that blind me to the truth about myself.  This is a referendum on me, now I’m just using $100 words to entertain myself, LOL.  In this economy, it’s a good value.  Stop!


longer can I deny that a ketogenic way of life is as difficult as some would have us believe, the mental component is critical to your ongoing success, part of the process is self-evaluation to identify your triggers (probably the most difficult variable) and to never stop learning.  The motivation for this blog is to take what I’ve learned and write about it to help solidify this information for myself and to connect the supporting components from other disciplines to create a clearer view of all the ancillary pieces.  I have been influenced for years by people, industries and/or experts who had ulterior motives; these wrongly accumulated beliefs can be difficult to overcome, but as with every journey it begins with taking the first step, it’s nothing more than that.  Be aware mistakes are a part of the walkabout.  We are creative beings; there are very few obstacles in our path that have not been overcome by someone, as Shawn and his guesses have been my guide, a turnabout seems to be the fair thing to do.


this understanding I don’t want you to take my word for anything; links will be provided for you to read for yourself and question.  Please comment on anything you find here to enrich my thinking and all who join us.  Lets have some fun along the way, I’ll incorporate my brand of humor, you’ve been warned.  Shall we, after you, by all means, please!