6 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Black salt

The Hawaiian black sea salt is produced by traditional means of harvesting in the Hawaiian island of Molokai. The waters of the pacific ocean are evaporated and solar harvesters are used to dry the salt which is then mixed with the activated charcoal of the coconut shells, imparting it an excellent flavor and fine silky texture. Since it is naturally produced, the mineral content of the salt is retained and it also has a beautiful smoky color to it. The crystals are perfectly formed and give a very pronounced flavor to a meal.

1. Digestion

This kosher salt is unrefined and is a great detoxifying agent. It digests easily unlike refined salts that take some time to digest due to their strong chemical bonds. This salt gets quickly digestible when mixed with food but takes time when stirred in water so is usually preferred with food. It is the charcoal in this salt that helps in better digestion.It maintains the alkaline levels in the body.

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Aids Digestion

2. Constipation 

This salt helps in cleaning the intestines by hydrating the dry mucous in the bowel walls and flushing out all the impurities. This helps in getting rid of a number of health problems like fatigue and slow metabolism, arising due to constipation.


3. Mineral Content 

Since this salt is naturally manufactured hence its nutrient and mineral content is intact. The body cannot make salt on its own so it has to be dependent on external sources. Refined salt is chemically treated hence its benefits are minimized. But Hawaiian black salt has all its minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, electrolytes and most importantly sodium.

Mineral Content

4. Purity

This black salt is manufactured in a small, serene island which has rich natural resources and is pollution free. Hence this salt is free of pollutants arising due to industrial and sewage garbage and is pristine compared to other salts and the charcoal is made from the coconut shells naturally growing on the island and not old wooden or industrial items.

5. Beauty Uses

Salts have always been known for their uses as a scrub. This salt can be added to various combinations to cleanse, exfoliate, and scrub off the dry and rough skin. Use it as a peel, mask, cleanser, soap or a scrub, this is popularly used by spas around the world.

Beauty Uses

6. Culinary Uses

Though this salt is seldom used for cooking as it settles at the bottom, it can be easily used as a finishing salt. It has a great flavor, glamorous color and goes well with salads, seafood, grills and steaks. Anything that has to be sprinkled with additional salt can be laced with this exotic and robust tasting salt. Even chocolates and ice creams can be flavored with this strong tasting salt.