15 Top Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Vitamin A

vitamin a

Vitamin A is a very important vitamin for our body. The scientific name for vitamin A is Retinol. It is one type of fat soluble vitamin among the other vitamins like vitamin D, E and K. Try to include this vitamin A in your regular diet to get the important benefits from it which is very helpful for your body.
You can find this vitamin in plenty of foods. The plant sources for vitamin A are carrot, tomato, spinach, peas, ripe mango, papaya, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables. Basically the yellow fruits and vegetables contain a major amount of vitamin A in it. On the other hand the animal sources of this vitamin are Cod and Halibut fish liver oil, milk, egg yolk, fish etc. If you intake this foods daily you will get the benefits of this vitamin A.


Here Are The List Of Top Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Vitamin A

Good For Our Eyes To Maintain Healthy Eyesight:

Vitamin A is very important for our body as it is very much beneficial for the eyes. It gives the required nutrients to our eyes to keep them healthy. To be an owner of good eyesight a regular intake of vitamin A is must for you.


Reduces The Chance Of Night Blindness:

There are two types of cells in the eyes of human body; they are rod and cone cells. The cone cells of retina helps us to view in low light. There is a one type of photo agent present in the cone cell named Rodopsin. Rodopsin is comprises two another types of proteins named Retinin and Opsene. Retinin is made with vitamin A.


So in deficiency of vitamin A Retinin was not produced and thus Rodopsin also not formed. When Rodopsin is not formed we can not view things in low light especially in the time of night. This disease is known as “Night Blindness”. So, deficiency of vitamin A results in night blindness. A regular intake of vitamin A thus reduces the chance of Night Blindness.

Prevents Us From Infectious Diseases

Vitamin A is also good to maintain good health for our body as it prevents different types of infectious diseases from our body. So, if you want to get rid of infectious diseases and want to get healthy body keep vitamin A rich food in your regular diet.



Maintains Good Skin Health:

Vitamin A is also very important as it gives a healthy glow to your skin if you include the foods that contain vitamin A in your daily diet. It retains the natural oil in your skin which prevents the dryness of your skin and keeps a healthy glow on your skin.


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Prevents Finodarma:

This vitamin prevents Finodarma which is one type of skin diseases. This disease is commonly known as toad skin. In this disease your skin get so dry thus it cracked and looked as ugly as a toad skin.
Vitamin A helps you to prevent this disease.



Good For Bones:

Vitamin A is also good for the bones and helps in keeping your bones healthy. It also helps in calcium synthesis in your body which is essential for bone development and building of bone structure.



Prevents Keratomalacia:

Keratomalacia is one type of bone related disease where your bones got easily breakable. Vitamin A prevents this disease and makes your bones healthy.


Prevents Xeropthalmia:

Xeropthalmia is one types of disease which results in low vision. Vitamin A prevents Xeropthalmia and improves your eyesight giving it a power for better vision.



Increase Immunity Power In Your Body:

Vitamin A also increases the immunity power in our body. As a result the body is not attacked by infectious disease frequently and you will get a healthy body.



Healthy Hair With Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is also very good for maintaining healthy hair. A regular intake of milk and milk proteins which contains vitamin A results in healthy hair.



Beneficial For Sperm Production:

Vitamin A is also helps in reproduction. It is very much beneficial in Sperm production.



Helps In Growth And Development:

Regular consumption of vitamin A helps in overall growth and development of body in children in their growing period. So, it is very much important to give the growing children vitamin A in a regular basis.



Improves Epithelial Tissues:

Vitamin A helps in improving the epithelial tissues and their regeneration in all of your body parts.



Improves Nervous System:

Vitamin A also improves the nervous system of your body.



Hormone Secretion:

Vitamin A plays important role in hormone secretion in your body and regulates it to be normal.


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